Translation is an art.

It goes beyond simply knowing two or more languages. In order to achieve the right relation between the original content and the translation, the professional must understand and explore the nuances of the translation process.

A great literary translator, for example, maybe won’t be the candidate most ideally suited to working with technical manuals. The opposite is also true.

It goes without saying that the ability to decode and interpret a complex message from one language and then to represent it in another language in a way that preserves its real meaning is solely human. Software and machines fail when it comes to cultural matters, syntax, ambiguity, and context.

It is important to emphasize that mistranslated texts/documents can ruin your company’s authority, jeopardize clients’ trust, or even cause serious problems that result in the loss of important deals.

So, make no mistake: if you need a professional freelance translator to translate content from English into Brazilian Portuguese and collaborate with your organization, get in touch.

I specialize in Marketing & Creative services (such as Transcreation), and I translate content in areas of work such as:

  • business & business technology, such as ERP software;
  • digital marketing & SEO;
  • information technology (IT);
  • travel & tourism.

My goal is to help your team whenever you need something done and delivered on time. I’d love to chat with you.